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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Monday, March 14, 2005

Attending: Board Members Cathy Doser, Mike Grueter, Caryn Roberts and Members Dick Harrell, Nancy Siburg, and curtis snow.

The meeting was called to order at 7:10pm.

  1. Caryn moved and Mike seconded approval of the February 14 Minutes.
  2. Treasurer's Report (Karen Lindner by way of Caryn Roberts)
    1. Checking Account $2,058.56, Savings Account $3118.60 - Total $5177.16. Mike moved and Caryn seconded approval.
    2. Additional signer on checking account is Cathy Doser.
  3. Old Business
    1. Capital Improvement Project - Resource Center Upgrades Wish List - Cathy will work up a list with prices and draft a letter to send out to membership.
      1. Six 6 ft.x 2 ft. rolling tables with cable holes - IKEA $140 each (new) or Action Furniture, four at $99 each (used). Cathy will check to see if casters can be attached to and vanity plates can be removed from the Action Furniture tables and if two more are available.
      2. 72 padded folding chairs @ $17 each at Costco. (We have 16.)
      3. Two Mac minis with keyboards, mice, 15" (minimum) LCD monitors, and Kensington locks
        1. Mike noted the following deals on LCD monitors:
          1. Princeton LCD19D 19" TFT Flat Panel Display - 1280 x 1024, DVI, 700:1, Speakers
            Price After Rebate(s): $277.99
          2. Acer AL1912B 19" Flat Panel Display Monitor / 500:1 Black
            Price: $297.99
          3. Princeton LCD1700 - 17" Fast Response Flat Panel Display
            Price After Rebate(s): $194.99
          4. BenQ LCD Monitor - 17" Black/ 1280x1024 450:1 - FP731 BLACK
            Price After Rebate(s): $197.99
      4. One G5 iMac - 17"
      5. One small fridge
      6. One XGA projector ~$1,000
      7. One small PA/speaker system (microphones already purchased by Caryn and Cathy.)
      8. One high-backed office chair
      9. One hand truck for carrying equipment into and out of the Resource Center
    2. Portage Bay
      1. Mike still needs to hear back from Evan.
      2. Evan has moved most of his equipment out of the Resource Center including his tables, chairs, and iMacs.
      3. We will have to sell the projector and split the proceeds (or possibly sell it to Evan). The current value of the projector is approximately $200 according to the folks at Maland where we purchased it.
      4. Evan still needs to return his keys as well as remove some old computer equipment and his sign.
    3. Exchange Update Project
      1. curtis reported that a complete list of dBug members has been entered into the database.
      2. curtis noted that the ExChange has been running much more smoothly since the bulk of the SPAM is now being handled by the Postfix mail server.
      3. Our domain name (dbug.org) is registered through Network Solutions until 4/8/05
        1. We would like our administrative contact changed from webmaster@dbug.org to president@dbug.org. Mike will call Network Solutions and/or NetOS.
        2. Mike reported that NetOS charged for services which were not provided. They have stopped charging us, and we now have a credit with them.
        3. We should determine how much Network Solutions charges for domain name registry and see if there are better alternatives.
        4. curtis will contact ELI to see if we can manage our own DNS records and if they can be a secondary DNS server for us.
      4. The discussion of a replacement system for the ExChange continues. The following software is currently under investigation: phpBB, Plone, Geeklog, and eve. Other suggestions and help are always welcome.
        1. curtis wants a modular product that "plays well with others" (LDAP authentication, can use 3rd part mail servers like Postfix, etc.)
        2. Collaba has been discarded as their business model is starting to look similar to FirstClass'
        3. phpNuke has started charging for their product, it is less open than phpBB, appears not to have support for LDAP, and seems to be less "popular" than other free solutions (fewer add-ons, less development, etc.)
    4. Fundraising
      1. Classes - to be held following the Saturday Cafs (after 12:30pm), weekdays, or Sunday afternoons.
        1. LAN Party - curtis would like to hold a test LAN Party soon to see how our systems handle the load
        2. Digital Video SIG Leader Gordon Modin has agreed to run a 1 day Final Cut Pro training
        3. Cocoa trainings led by the Xcoders SIG members can be held quarterly
        4. Bill Campbell has agreed to lead a UNIX training
        5. The WebObjects SIG Leaders are working out details for a training
        6. Book signing or similar event featuring David Pogue (maybe a Main Meeting instead)?
        7. Mac Basics, Mac Advanced, iMovie/iDVD, iPhoto, Mac OS X, others?
      2. Mike reported that some money has come in from Amazon
      3. Everyone should go to Amazon through the dBug web site <http://www.dbug.org/amazon/> or <http://www.dbug.org/recommendations/> to assure that dBug gets credit.
      4. Perhaps new items could be available through Cafe Press?
    5. Web Site
      1. Cathy commented on the good job Web Masters Dick Carter and Mike Grueter are doing.
      2. Mike reported on the following new web site features:
        1. We now have account information and passwords for Amazon, Kagi, iTunes, and Cafe Press.
        2. There is a new re-direct link to Amazon <http://www.dbug.org/amazon/> which tells Amazon that dBug referred the visitor and that dBug should get a cut.
        3. iTunes affiliate process is nearly ready. In fact, the Member Music Picks section links now make money for dBug. A little more testing needs to happen to make sure we're doing everything correctly. Once we're sure it works, we should be able to have a redirect similar to Amazon's like <http://www.dbug.org/itunes/>.
        4. Many of the SIG pages now have mailing list forms and contact links that send e-mails to the SIG Leaders.
        5. Lots of past Board minutes and MacNews PDFs have been added. Please let the WebMasters know if you have something the web site doesn't.
        6. Our Kagi store now has options for people to donate money to dBug's General and Hardware funds.
        7. The five most Current Event links are back and easier to maintain.
        8. If anyone needs to refer to a specific Bylaw article, they can append "#article_" and the article number to the base URL (<http://www.dbug.org/about/bylaws.shtml#article_5> for instance), and the page will load with that article at the top.
        9. People can now subscribe and unsubscribe from the dbug-announce mailing list via this web page <http://www.dbug.org/about/mailing.shtml>.
        10. People can now volunteer for dBug by filling out the form on this page <http://www.dbug.org/about/volunteer.shtml>.
        11. The dBug Brochure PDF is now available for download from the Publications area.
        12. dBug's Privacy Policy is nearly finished.
    6. Newsletter
      1. Dick Harrell discussed the schedule for the remainder of 2005 and will develop a Style Guide for other writers for MacNews.
    7. Main Meeting
      1. Cathy reported approximately 32 attended the March meeting. The program was "crowd pleasing" and the raffle was successful both in income and happy recipients of the prizes.
  4. New Business
    1. Upcoming monthly main events reported by Cathy
      1. April - Mac Mini, Garageband with Clark Schroeder
      2. May - Podcasting - curtis snow and Online Radio - Omaha Sternberg
      3. June - Bohonus QTVR, Adobe
      4. July - Tiger Overview (TBD)
      5. August - picnic
      6. September - Wireless Security, Buying a New Mac
    2. The Xcoders SIG will hold a C programming tutorial meeting on March 19th from 1-4pm
    3. Caryn would like to start a "member and organization deals" committee to gather the many deals available to members, i.e., discounts on Adam Engst's Take Control series of eBooks for one.
    4. Caryn suggested offering dBug memberships to local Apple retailers. This could be a win/win.
    5. A Music SIG run by Clark Schroeder was been suggested. Mike commented there had not been much interest in past music related Hot Topics events, but perhaps in conjunction with the iPod...
    6. A Bylaw review gathering will be held on Saturday, April 2 at 12:30pm after the Cafe.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15pm.

- Nancy Siburg, Scribe